Top 5 Forts of India


India is a place of historic remarkableness and most of the places have their own anecdotes. The same goes for every fort in India. There are multifarious historical marvels which are from various ages and eras. The forts depict stories of the years bygone. There’s always an underlying story which starts from the reason why the fort was built whether to display power and authority or for defence purposes to what was its significance in history. In most of the forts, there are museums in which they keep all the belongings which are somehow related to the forts and for all the visitors, there is a prescribed timeline during which they can visit the museum. Let’s start with discussing the top 5 forts of India that you should not miss during your vacation.

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The Red Fort in Delhi is not just a symbol of India’s identity but it has been a witness to many historic events which have completely changed the face of the nation. It is a tradition that every year on Independence day the Prime Minister hoists the Tricolor at this very place and addresses the nation. It is not just a building but a marvellous piece of architecture because of which it was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in the year 2007. Most of the fort was made up of red sandstone, based on which the fort got its name. It played an important role during the rebellion of 1857, as it remained in the center of politics. There’s a museum inside the fort where some things related to Indian history have been preserved. Exploring this place is worth the effort.

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Our journey to explore India cannot be completed without exploring the second-largest continuous wall in the world- the ferocious Kumbhalgarh Fort and no other fort can match the grandeur of this fort. It really is a symbol of human determination and conquers the impossible. The road to Kumbhalgarh is narrow, but it offers one of the best road experiences in the country. This single road establishes the lush landscape of southern Rajasthan. But you have to be careful of curves and unexpected fellow passengers. The fort, which stands on a hill in Allavari at an altitude of 1100 meters, was built by Rana Kumbha in the 15th century. There are about 360 temples on the grounds of the fort, 300 of which are Jain temples. The fort is one of the largest fort complexes in the world and the second-largest fort in India after Fort Chittorgarh. The fort has a fascinating natural beauty. The "Badal Mahal" which is at the summit of the fort is like a crown on the crest, justifying its name. The fort is certainly an architectural wonder and a testament to the art and culture of that era.

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When you go through the name of this fort what first comes to your mind? Yes, that’s correct. This is the fort in which Rani Laxmi Bai, the brave queen of Jhansi lived. Her braveness, and how she fought for her dignity and homeland are known not only to the children and people of Jhansi but to the whole world. The fort is located on the hills of Bangura, adding to the beauty of the city. The Jhansi Fort was built by combining the architectural styles of Bundela and Maratha. The granite wall is about 20 feet thick. The golden time to visit the Jhansi Fort is between January and February as only then the Jhansi Mahotsav is organized by the authorities and many local artists come into sight. The beauty and legend of the Jhansi Fort are India's true pride.

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If you visit Gwalior, your journey will not be considered complete unless you visit Fort Gwalior, as it is an extremely significant and must-visit destination. This fort has existed since the beginning of the 6th century and has been under the control of many dynasties since it was a very important strategic fort in the Central India. The best time to explore the fort is during winters from the month of November to April. Be prepared as the fort has multiple destinations and you have to walk a lot. En route to the Gwalior fort, you’ll see more than 1500 idols on the Gopanchal Hill. In the evening, you’ll watch the city drown and shine in the beautiful moonlight from Mehrangarh Fort. This is one of the most enchanting views one can ever experience.

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One of Hyderabad’s greatest charisma is the breathtaking Chowmahalla Palace, which was the official residence of Nizam of Hyderabad, a history preserved along with busy modern life. The construction of this building began in 1750, and the gorgeous palace was not completed until more than 100 years later. Once inside the palace, there is a ticket booth where you can get tickets, and if you want to take pictures/videos, you have to pay an extra fee. The palace originally spanned 45 acres of land but is now shrunken to nearly 12 acres. Chowmahalla basically means four palaces, which are actually a complex of palaces consisting of several buildings in two courtyards. There is also a clock tower above the main gate to the palace, a clock that has been ticking for hundreds of years. You will be amazed at the magnificent architecture and beauty of Chowmahalla Palace.


These are some of the forts which you can consider visiting during your vacation, and for exploring these forts one need not be a history lover. The beauty and tranquility of these places will leave the tourists in awe. You will also get to learn about the history of India and guess what? It will not even be as tedious as reading a history book. The best time to visit most of these forts is during winters as you can explore them only during the daylight and in winters, the heat will not be a problem at all. So, why wait for the perfect time to go on a vacation? Pack your bags and go visit these amazing, historical magnificences and cross them off your bucket list!