Top 5 lesser known places in Goa | Post pandemic travel trends

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How many of us imagined the last two years it has been? With all of our travel plans cancelled till further notice, we desperately seek an outing but of course, keeping in mind the current situation of pandemic. The stringent measures taken by authorities and the government proposed guidelines in concerns for COVID-19 prohibit our exclusive travel plans.

Goa is one of the top destinations garnering a whole lot of tourism across the nation as well as international crowds every year. Nonetheless, it was equally affected by the pandemic and was thus imposed with strict lockdown guidelines.

However, our travel geeks took a sigh of relief when the Department of Tourism, Goa allowed a relaxation in the lockdown regulations. Goa Tourism Minister, Manohar Ajgaonkar uplifted some of the travel restrictions in order to encourage domestic travel and boost state economy by helping businesses to get back on track gradually.

While you pack your bags and brace yourselves for another getaway, we bring you 5 hidden gems in Goa that would interest your travelogue as well as ensure your safety, taking you away from overcrowded spots into tranquilizing isolation.

Months from mid November to February are considered to be idyllic for Goa travel. Accessibility to the offbeat destinations of Goa lies within the comfort. Goa International Airport connects to major metropolitan cities nationwide and is a highly preferred mode of transport by tourists. You can always find local travel at your convenience as the state wholeheartedly greets once you land here.


Mind soothing sea breeze and mountainous serenes of Kakolem Beach can be your next dream destination away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Put some sunscreen and get ready for a beachy weekend where you lay back and watch the mesmerizing sunsets. Also known as Tiger beach, the calm and composed vibe of the beach offers breathtaking mist of wild flora and fauna. You will enjoy the speed boat water ride however waters are deep and can be risky for swimming.

Location: Kakolem Beach, South Goa

How to visit:

  • 60 kms away from Panaji
  • Private transport, autos and cabs are the only available mode of transport


Located in the dense greens of Western Ghat, Mollem National Park and Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect getaway amidst tropical evergreen and deciduous forests. The beautiful forest canopy encloses astounding views of waterfalls ( Dudhsagar falls and Tambdi falls) and ancient temples (Tambdi Suria temple) dating back to Kadambas of Goa. The sanctuary is adorned with magnificent wildlife species. A trip to the national park on a rainy day would make it the highlight of your memories due to its geographical and cultural attractions. The sunset viewpoint will definitely create seamlessly everlasting moments for your trip.

Location: Dharbandora taluka, Goa (Western Ghats of India)

How to visit:

  • Nearest railway station: Suravali railway station
  • Nearest airport: Dabolim international airport
  • 70 kms away from Panaji


Having existed for nearly two centuries, Savoi Spice Plantations is widely recognised and visited for its rich culture in spice sprawling over a 1OO acres stretch. Diving into the aroma of spices, medicinal herbs and fruits in the unadulterated and untracked village of Ponda, the plantation tour also offers sky-high elephant drives and soaking wet, playful elephant baths. The tourists here are captivated by the mesmerizing landscapes while bird watchers look for permanent settlements here. The plantation provides guests with famous Saraswat and traditional Goan cuisines along with night activities like dance forms and folklores. Refresh your mind and soul in the panorama of beauty.

Location: Savoi, Marcel Ponda Road, Ponda, Goa

How to visit:

  • Nearest railway station: Karmali railway station
  • 10 Kms away from Ponda
  • Public transport available from Ponda
  • 31 kms drive from Panaji


Home to innumerable wildlife species, Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary takes you away from the city hauls to the splendid views of flora and fauna. This untapped natural beauty opens the gate to heavenly mountain tops and breathtaking waterfalls which attracts trekking enthusiasts from all corners of the nation. Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary holds great significance as it is a crucial source of freshwater for the state of Goa. The sanctuary, brimming with diverse natural habitat, has Saivri and Mainapi waterfalls as the focal attractions. It has valleys and brilliantly blue lakes centered amidst lush greens of forest fostering wildlife species and human civilisations. A weekend off with friends and camp near the sanctuary is all worthwhile. The best period to visit is during post monsoon months.

Location: Neturlim (Sanguem Taluka, Southeast region), Goa

How to visit:

  • 45 kms away from Margao railway station
  • 75 kms away from Panaji
  • 65 kms away from Goa International airport


The enthralling vibes of Butterfly beach offers you an escape away from the bustling crowds of the city. The beach derives its name from the countless butterflies that travelers admire fluttering around the beach. The wide horizons of Butterfly beach and waterfronts with outstanding views of marine flora & fauna create a paradise for our travel geeks. The outlining rocky mountains and impeccable sea views urges the backpackers to watch the sunsets while they open bottles of wine and enjoy favorite snacks with friends and loved ones. What makes it exceptional is its exquisite view of dolphins in the middle of the sea and water sports like boat riding, snorkeling.

Location: Goa (Towards South of the Palolem)

How to visit:

  • Boat ride from Palolem beach
  • Nearest railway station to Palolem Beach: Canacona railway station
  • Goa International Airport to Madgaon (via shuttle bus/cab) Madgaon to Palolem : Approximately 2 hour drive


Although the pandemic is not in the past and safety guidelines are to be strictly followed, these travel spots can gratify your desire to travel in such times. So, grab your trip essentials and get yourself ready to explore the hidden gems of Goa while keeping in mind your personal safety.