Top 5 lesser known places near Delhi | Post pandemic travel trends

BY Team ProMiller Stays 14 APR 2021 1 VIEWS

Covid-19 and prolonged house arrest has driven restlessness amongst travel geeks to its peak. However, where international travel still expects upliftment, local tourism is picking up pace as it involves less travel compliances and serves as a better and safer travel alternative during pandemic.

And as we speak, 'Staycations' and short getaways are gradually taking over the travel industry.

Local travel is the new normal and it is pretty evident when we foresee the inclination of travel enthusiasts towards regional tourist destinations on factors like less crowded, spacious and tranquilizing. Although we all have common grounds where we are looking for a short trip that would interest and gratify our desire to step out and travel all along.

We, more than ever, feel the urge to travel and connect with the world. Meanwhile we adhered strictly to the Delhi government proposed Covid-19 guidelines for public welfare, away from the hustle and bustle, travelers have explored a few hidden places in the heart of the city.

These hidden offbeat destinations of Delhi, extensively explored and finely curated by us, will definitely awestruck you.


Under the stern jurisdiction of Delhi Wildlife Department and amongst the greens of Asola Wildlife Sanctuary, sits the immaculate view of Bhardwaj lake. A perfect getaway for adventure enthusiasts who long for a relaxing weekend blended with a tincture of trekking. While it may not be ‘the escape’ for luxury travelers, its flora and fauna definitely provides subtlety and underlying aurora for nature lovers.

Your exploration here will lead to encounters with various birds and animals every now and then.

Location: Asola Wildlife Sanctuary, Asola, New Delhi

How to visit:

  • Nearest metro station: Badarpur Metro Station (Violet line)
  • Distance from Badarpur Metro Station : 11 kms
  • Driving distance till sanctuary


Garnered with an impeccable garden right in the center, Jahaz Mahal will definitely capture the explorer’s eyes looking forward to a historical bonanza. The host of unique annual color fest, 'Sair-i-Gulfaroshan' aka ‘Phool Walon ki Sair’ started by Emperor Akhbar Shah II and popularised by Emperor Bahadur Shah II. Sunrise to Sunset, it creates a historical moment imbibing the renaissance of Mughal Dynasty.

Location: Talaab Lane, Khandsa Colony, Mehrauli (Southern District), Delhi

How to visit:

  • Nearest metro station: Chattarpur Metro Station (Yellow line)
  • Nearest railway station: Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station
  • Easy accessibility through public transport


Located in the Southern District of Delhi. Hauz Khas Village is an old settlement of quaint and picturesque structures standing next to the water reservoir (Hauz Khas Lake/ Royal Tank) built by Alauddin Khalji to provide water supply to Siri Fort inhabitants. Not only confined to its great historical significance, Hauz Khas Village also serves as a hotspot for top notch fashion outlets and ornate wet restaurants and bars that will give you an authentic vibe throughout the day.

Altogether an escape into lush greens with a lavish and fancy neighbourhood, just a perfect fit for your prolonged house arrest !

Location: Deer Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi

How to visit:

  • Nearest metro station: Hauz Khas metro station (via yellow & magenta line)
  • Nearest railway station: Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station (8 kms)


Located alongside the Yamuna riverbed, Majnu ka Tila is known for its hustle and bustle free lifestyle inspired fromTibetan Buddhism. Exploring the astounding vibes, travelers get fond of the finger licking Tibetan and likewise South Asian cuisines, aesthetic cafes and serves as a hotspot for fashion enthusiasts. Majnu ka Tila, one of the oldest sikh shrines is an exquisite alternative for short getaways that will, needless to say, entail an unique experience to your travelogue.

Location: New Aruna Nagar Colony, Samyeling, Delhi (Northern district of Delhi)

How to visit:

  • Nearest metro station: Kashmiri Gate Metro Station
  • Red line (Dilshad Garden- Rithala)
  • Violet line (Escorts Mujesar- Kashmeri gate)
  • Yellow line (Samaypur Badli- Huda City Centre)
  • Walking distance from ISBT Kashmiri Gate


Imagine walking through the fascinating tracks with dense greens on either side, exciting?

The unexplored, dense and loft tracks of Sanjay Van will bring eternal amusement to your solitude. This moonlit escape is one of the favourite spots for nature lovers, bird enthusiasts and is narrated for its astounding views. Your exploration would be accompanied by well maintained herbal gardens, fabulously magnificent peacocks and friendly dogs. Flora and Fauna will undoubtedly grasp the best views of impeccable beauty of Sanjay Van. The Neela Huaz lake will definitely leave you mesmerized.

Location: New Delhi (nearby Vasant Kunj and Mehrauli), Delhi

How to visit:

  • Nearest metro station: Chattarpur Metro Station


These lively and untracked travel destinations within the capital will serve as the source of divinity and serendipity. They will lead you to the scenic views of the city and cheer you up to the core. Delhi has a lot more to offer than it seems to. Mark the dates in your calendar, book a safe stay and take a swift from the everlasting sorrows of the pandemic.