Top 5 lesser known places near Srinagar | Post-pandemic travel trends

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Plans to make a solo trip to Srinagar this summer or is it friends and camping this time? Either way, this time explore the unexplored travel destinations avoiding and keeping the overrated at bay!

Famous for its scenic beauties, Srinagar never fails to excite the travelers within us. The natural trails devoid of any urban scents makes it different from any other tourist spot in India. Srinagar is also known as the 'summer capital' of Indian administered Union territory of Jammu & Kashmir.

Albeit, the state has also witnessed the equivalent measure of Coronavirus induced pandemic. Tourism was hindered by the pandemic last year and continues to be affected by the second wave of Covid-19 as well. However, with the upliftment of lockdown restriction across the country, Jammu & Kashmir tourism foresees a post-lockdown kickstart. COVID-19 guidelines have been proposed by the state government to be strictly followed by the travelers seeking for a staycation in J&K.

But wait, let's not divert ourselves from the headline of the day. Plan your escape in the valley of Srinagar surrounded by splendid mountain ranges and snowcaps (during winters). The diverse flora and fauna will captivate you in its enthralling beauty and believe it or not, these hidden yet wonderful travel spots will definitely make you plan another trip soon!


Away from the city hassles, the town of Awantipora is located along the banks of the river Jhelum. Named after its first ruler Awantivarnam, it was famous for its Hindu temple Avantisvamin built by Awantivarnam himself in pursuit of his devotion to Lord Vishnu. The ruins of the temple offer stunning views of ancient culture and architecture which will remain unparalleled throughout the ages.the surrounding lush greens and landscapes only add to the beauty of Awantipora. You will definitely cherish the mystical heritage vibes and fine architectural works of the ancients.

Location: Pulwama district, Jammu & Kashmir

How to visit:

  • 30 kms from Srinagar
  • Awantipura Railway Station (nearest)
  • Sheikh-ul-Alam International Airport, Srinagar : 38 kms
  • Cab services available from airport and railway station


Char Chinar sits in the pristine beauty of Dal Lake in Srinagar. The magnificent char chinar trees situated at the four corners of the island is what names this scenic beauty of Srinagar. This beautiful creation lies in the middle of the Dal lake and hosts selfie lovers in the late spring. The charm of chinar trees offer a spectacular sightseeing experience. Also, the snowcaps in the backdrop are breathtaking and make this location very surreal in every obvious sense.

Location: Dal Lake, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

How to visit:

  • Srinagar (Main city) : 9.7 Kms (18 min drive via Boulevard Road)
  • Srinagar Kashmir Railway Station (nearest)
  • Availability of local transport across the city


The natural spring structured in the middle being the main attraction, explorers are mesmerized by the serene Chasme Shahi surrounded by dense green mountain tops. The three terraced floral garden also known as the Royal Spring is a must see during your trip to Srinagar. The spring water is said to have medicinal properties and stays cool even throughout the summers. Mind you, the upfront waterfalls might steal your attention. The double storeyed, hut shaped structure is believed to be the source of the spring water. With its architecture influenced by Persian/Italian culture, the gardens are floral curated to garner attention of the travel geeks. This mind captivating beauty of Mughal gardens of Srinagar overlooks the Dal lake below and the far located Himalayan mountain range. Months of May and June offer you the best times to visit the garden and take a sip of this scenic beauty that will leave you spellbound!

Location: Zabarwan Range, near Rajbhawan, Srinagar

How to visit:

  • Srinagar Kashmir Railway Station (nearest)
  • Srinagar airport (nearest) : 14 kms
  • Local transport available


The vast stretches of green pastures are here to encapsulate you into the magnificent sceneries of Yusmarg. The ‘away from the city’ serene promises the best summer staycation across India. What you have been missing all along the pandemic lies here in the floral strewn valleys and lush green meadows with a backdrop of snow capped mountains at Yusmarg. There is very little probability of finding another serene place where you can rejuvenate your body, mind and soul right in the lap of nature and find breathtaking views of dense forests full of pine trees. One of the favourite spots for nature lovers, the picturesque serene of Yusmarg leads photographers to land in this serendipity to their solace. Adventure enthusiasts visit here to explore the astounding Doodhpathri and Tosa Maidan treks, which are quite appealing and rewarding. A major trekking route from Yusmarg leads to a famous spot called Tosa Maidan, a large meadow used for cattle grazing by nomads.

Location: Budgam district, Jammu & Kashmir

How to visit:

  • Srinagar : 48 kms away (1 hr 45 mins drive)
  • Taxi services available
  • Srinagar International Airport : 47 kms ( 56 mins drive/approx)


Travelling 24 kms ahead of the Sinthan Maidan, we find ourselves at the most desirable atop destinations of Srinagar. Witnessing the boost in tourism recently, Santhan top instills the “on the seventh cloud” enthusiasm within the traveler as one can breathe the fresh and hassle free breeze at an altitude of 3874 metres. The trekkers find the way up amusing since the very beginning. Passing by emerald valleys, fruit orchards, snow capped mountain ranges, and diverse flora and fauna; this trekking if done with friends would be the ideal trip of your lifetime. The narrow streams sprinkled with enchanting flowers capture traveler’s attention every now and then. The alpine pastures of Sinthan maidan can trigger the deep imaginative power within you. Paragliding, horse riding and rock climbing are highly enjoyed by the visitors at the foot of Sinthan top. The mind blowing view from the top will definitely embark your passion and never ending love for the travel spot!

Location: NH 1B, Pir Panjal Mountain Range, Daksum, Jammu & Kashmir

How to visit:

  • Srinagar : 3 hours drive (134 kms)
  • Pahalgam : 2.5 hours drive
  • Daksum : 37 kms uphill drive


The list can go on meanwhile our purpose of drawing the best possible and unexplored destinations of Srinagar seems to come to halt here. These travel destinations will not only enthrall you to the core but also gratify your prolonged desire to travel. Domestic tourism will be at its epitome in the coming year due to its safety alternatives. As we speak, the above nitty and gritty details of untraced beauties of Srinagar must have put your imagination into work already. Well, don't stop! Plan the itinerary, gather your essentials, call your friends and grab the backpacks.