Travelling beyond the pandemic: 5 trends

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Travellers find themselves trapped in the seamlessly neverending dilemma that this pandemic has caused.

Cancelled bookings, prolonged lockdown extensions, stern restrictions and guidelines have taken over the enthusiasm and desire to travel. However with time, people all across the globe have embraced the priorities, health and safety. Where hotels had to turn their suites and luxury stays into medical healthcare units and supply basic amenities to communities in need- it is safe to say that the travel industry suffers a severe loss behind the curtain.

Movies like Contagion derive numerous possibilities in the situation of a global outbreak. Every medical official, staff forms the cornerstone of the recovery phase. Front line workers expect anything but a carefree attitude of netizens towards the fatalities of Coronavirus induced pandemic. The entire world economy has been shaken to its core and as promising as it sounds, the Industrial sector, Financial prospects and Medical facilitation will never be the same.

Despite practicing vaccination on such an immeasurable scale, the government rules out strict guidelines for citizens to adhere to. In such challenging times, the nation furthermore witnesses the travel bans extended till further notice.

But the question is, for how long will travellers hold on to the back seat?

What will be the NEXT NORMAL?

As per the latest studies carried out keeping safety protocols and taking contemporary conditions into consideration, local travel & tourism might pick up at a good pace unlike International travel that is currently based on verified documentation, health status and travel itinerary. As safe and sustainable as it sounds, travellers will have to abide by COVID-19 guidelines issued by the respective authorities. As spokesperson of Tripadvisor, Elizabeth Monahan, commented "Tourism recovery typically begins locally".

The concept of vaccination is definitely a sigh of relief for travellers. Despite the fact that pandemic isn't in the past yet, travel enthusiasts seek an escape into serene due to the overwhelming scenario since the very beginning of COVID-19 outbreak. With travel agencies laying off the staff, airlines going bankrupt and negligible tourism for luxury to small scale hotels, all have braced the direct influence of pandemic in the most exacerbating manner.

The purpose of our blog stands parallel to the awareness and cautionaries to be followed while you plan your next trip. This pandemic has driven people to accept the new normal and become more alert and cautious. This unprecedented situation has caused travel geeks to grow restless and eager to go out and explore. Lets dive deeper into it and discuss five major covid-19 centric travel outlook.


Government of India has launched certain awareness programmes for public safety in the context to COVID-19 to empower the citizens with right information and take precautions as per advisories issued by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

Delhi government also launched an awareness campaign namely Intensive Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaign in order to encourage and motivate public participation in community service to aid authorities win the battle against COVID-19.

Apart from nationwide initiatives taken by central and state governments and the Ministry of Tourism setting out stern regulations for travel enthusiasts, precautions adopted at individual level play a crucial role in the safety of travellers. From social distancing to avoiding public gathering and carrying sanitation kits [face masks, hand sanitizers and gloves], be the sole factor responsible for your well being. Other preventive measures inclusive of

  • Getting vaccinated for guaranteed immunity and safe travel
  • Check for increased risks of severe illness, especially senior age group
  • Ensure safe surroundings and keep a record of health status of family and friends
  • Government approved travel pass, if required


International travel, as of now, is followed by a quantum of documentation which might consume most of your travel hours. Moreover, the flow of tourism has readily directed towards local destinations, safe and sound. Top global destinations, being tourism hotspots , are evidently more prone to coronavirus outbreak.

Travellers have taken a turn to road travel. Visiting local tourist spots, travel geeks have encouraged the regional economy in order to avoid crowds and assure safe travel of their family and acquaintances. Following proposed COVID-19 guidelines, one must

  • Maintain social distancing during travel as well as amongst other tourists
  • Avoid contact with individuals who are ill or show symptoms of coronavirus infection
  • Refrain physical contact with frequently touched surfaces
  • Not touch eyes, nose and mouth
  • Frequently wash hands before/after travelling, eating, using restrooms and coughing/sneezing
  • Positively avoid eating/drinking outdoors along with public transportation


In view of how air circles and is sifted on airplanes, most infections don't spread effectively on flights. Be that as it may, swarmed flights make social distancing troublesome. In addition, air travel includes investing time in security lines and air terminals, which can get you close contact with others.The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has profoundly ensured cleaning and disinfection of surfaces at screening checkpoints. Alongwith, other TSA guidelines advises

  • Travelers to wear masks during screening process and adjust if asked by security for identification purposes
  • Travelers to self scan boarding passes and hold them for inspection
  • Travelers to carry personal hand sanitizers (upto 350 millilitres)
  • Travelers to place accessories (wallets, keys and phones) in carry bags for minimised handling
  • Travelers to handle food items in separate bags for effortless screening and luggage handling


The hospitality industry perceives that voyagers are worried about the Covid-19 and security. Cross-verifying any significant hotel's site for data about how it's ensuring traveler's safety. Even the small scale hotels and lodgings have alleviated their standards in maintaining hygiene. Adoption of WHO and government proposed safety standards by hotels have definitely garnered the confidence of guests in high end hospitality services.

In case of unvaccinated personnel, timely disinfection along with clean and kept rooms and surfaces of hotel premises should be assured at all costs. In a nutshell,

  • Upscaled hygiene practices
  • Social distancing norms
  • Proper use of masks and hand sanitizers
  • Contactless mode of payment
  • Availability of COVID-19 healthcare facilities in case of medical urgency


While you seek serendipity to your solitude, it is utmostly prior to cautiously plan your trip keeping in mind the current dynamics of the travel industry and pandemic itself. As it is wisely said “Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless”, travel plans should be executed after thorough analysis and considering the safety of your fellow travel partners and community.

Destinations that are crowd centric and amidst the urban settlements should be strictly refrained.

Backpacking is the most interesting integral of planning a trip. But since COVID-19 has totally changed the dynamics of excursions, we need to pay a little more attention while we brace ourselves for another exploration. First aid kits, sanitizers and disinfectant wipes, extra pairs of clothes and a handful of extra masks which may come handy during any part of travel. What holds equal importance is the travel documents verifying your travel history and health status for security reasons. These ‘must to carry along’ amenities will save you from unpleasant surprises and unpredictable delayed stays.


Travelers are only yearning what was theirs to cherish. However, neglecting the sensitivity of the situation and carelessly taking advantage of uplifted travel bans can cause significant and obvious consequences. Domestic travel might be in full swing by late summers of 2021 whereas International travel still revolves around vaccination drives carried across various countries. Nations are relentlessly reiterating the risk assessment process for welfare of public health and simultaneously resuming International travels. With rise in bookings of vacation rentals over hotels with the help of travel insurance cand personal travel advisors, travel is no more in the state of standstill and is on its way to gain recognition with new innovations and travel designs.

Written By, Ritik Negi