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Any homeowner who wants to list their homes can become an exclusive homeowner with ProMiller Stays. There is no set criteria to become a homeowner with us so go ahead and enrol your home now.
ProMiller Stays is a part of ProMiller who are the only Hotel Consultants in India to intersect young minds with over 100+ years of industry expertise. Our aim is to redesign the Indian hospitality through young minds providing unparallel guest experiences alongside maximizing returns for owners.
Any home can become a part of ProMiller Stays under multiple sub-brands. Once you apply our team will carry out a thorough analysis and based upon research and meeting the necessary requirements your home will become a part of our family.
All we need to know is the total number of bedrooms your home have, your address details and whether this is your primary or secondary home. We would also be requiring pictures of your home post which our team will get in touch with you and take the process further.
Once you apply and provide the necessary details, our team will get in touch with you for a better understanding of you needs and align our requirements post which our team will visit the property and experience the offerings post which we will help you with the finer details of the onboarding process.
All reservations and necessary offerings are handled by our team at ProMiller Stays. Once we receive a booking for your home, our dedicated team member will contact you notifying you of the reservation and based on the availability the reservations are actioned upon.
A team member is constantly available at your home to ensure all safety and hygiene standards are maintained at every single home. We also conduct periodic audits to ensure safety, hygiene and maintenance is maintained at the top most levels to ensure complete upkeep of the property.
We ensure your home is safe and secure with us. We take a security damage deposit from each guest before their arrival at our home. Before and after each stay, we have a complete process wherein we ensure the home is in the topmost conditions before and after the stay. In case of any accidental damage, through our process we know who is responsible for the damages and accordingly take action.
We welcome all questions and queries and our team is constantly working to ensure all your doubts and issues are resolved. You can contact our team at info@promillertstays.in or directly reach out to us on +91-9601444430 and we will be happy to clear all your queries.


Our booking process is extremely easy. You can simply search for your solution through our booking engine. Simply choose a desired location and you will be able to find the home best suited for you. You can also filter the search by updating your preferences while you search for focused results. You can also reach out to us at info@promillertstays.in and our team will be happy to assist you within 24 hours of your request.
No, it is not mandatory to sign up with ProMiller Stays in order for you to make a reservation. However, the best deals and offers can be availed once you sign up with us so do not miss the chance. You can sign up with us from here
Yes, you can cancel your reservation through our 'Find Booking' tab or reach out to our team on +91-9601444430 info@promillertstays.in and our team will be happy to assist you. However, do take a look at our 'cancellation policy' for complete clarity on cancellations.
ProMiller Stays follows 100% guidelines to ensure complete safety, security and hygiene. Rest assured, you are in the safest hands when it comes to your safety. Do not forget to take a look at our safety and hygiene guidelines to get a glimpse of our standards. You can view them on Safety and Hygiene
You can take a look at all your reservations from our exclusive dashboard created only for you under the tab and explore your world with us.
Every home at ProMiller Stays is special and unique for both the homeowners and our guests. Like every family ensures their homes are kept special, we also ensure all our homes are maintained at the top most levels to ensure we can offer you nothing but the best. Our 'House Rules' are available at each residence for complete communication and you can also take a glance at them once you process your reservation.
Our team is in constant touch with you from the minute you make a reservation with us. It is our endeavour to ensure we give you the best that is available out there. In case of any modifications or in case your desired home is unavailable due to any reasons, our team will reach out to you within 24 hours via the contact details shared by you to notify you simultaneously offering you the best solution. Hence, don't worry we ensure that each stay of yours is a memorable one at all our homes.
We ensure and aim to provide exemplary service to our guests simultaneously ensuring that our homeowners' interests are safeguarded. A security deposit is a certain amount taken prior to the check in at each of our residences as a guarantee against any unforeseen circumstances. This is a refundable deposit and the same is refunded at the time of check out. The security deposit defers from home to home and on the basis of the facilities available a certain refundable amount is taken.
Each of our homes have a dedicated page which you can view the moment you choose any of our homes. You will find all the necessary information including the uniqueness of each home, facilities available, what kind of stay is the home best suited for, what are the nearby attractions and much more. Moreover, in case you would like to know more, we are happy to assist you. Call us today on +91-9601444430 or email us at info@promillertstays.in and we shall help you with everything.
Do not worry. Our team is here to assist you with every query you have. Simply reach out to us on +91-9601444430 or email us on info@promillertstays.in and we promise to ensure all your queries are answered and create a memorable experience with us.