Health And Hygiene Standards

ProMiller's foremost endeavour is to ensure every stakeholder associated with ProMiller stays in a safe and hygienic environment. Our team ensures there is a complete check on the upkeep of every single property and audits every single home to ensure the standards are maintained at the highest levels.

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Our practices include

  • All our staff temperature is checked along with ensuring maximum safety precautions (in the form of masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment) are taken while interacting with guests.
  • Cleaning kits are available at the time of arrival, during the course of the stay and during departure for all our guests.
  • Post check out of each stay, each and every home undergoes a special precautionary cleaning wherein every single area is completely sanitized and disinfected.
  • All our homes are equipped with first aid kits and all our staff are certified first responders.
  • A list of emergency services and numbers are available at all our homes along with our dedicated property manager and the same is shared with our guests upon the time of arrival.
  • All areas are disinfected at regular intervals.
  • Room linen will be changed only once in 2 days.
  • In case you have any symptoms related to Covid 19 outbreak, please inform our team immediately. (high temperature, cold, cough, respiratory illness etc).
  • We commit to follow all the local government and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines released to ensure our homes our a safe environment for both our guests and staff.